Silky Smooth Body Waxing

Our quick, expert and painless as possible waxing works wonders on unwanted hair. We use a variety of high quality cream wax with tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and good for in-growing hair. 

We use a high quality lavender cream wax for its soothing and antiseptic properties to help prevent ingrowing hairs. We also use hot wax for removing short, coarse and stubborn hairs in sensitive areas like underarm and bikini line. 

Warm wax                       Hot wax

Full Leg                                        £20

Half Leg                                       £14

Bikini                                            £10                                     £15

Brazillian                                      £18                                     £25

Hollywood                                   £20                                    £35

Full Arm                                       £14

Half Arm                                      £10

Under Arm                                   £7                                     £10

Upper Lip                                     £5

Chin                                              £5

Side of Face                                £10

Threading is an ancient method of removing hair, by using a thread. Threading is an effective and safe method which does not cause stress to facial skin. 

Eyebrows                                     £7

Upper Lip/Chin                          £5

Full Face                                     £25

Sides                                            £10